Everything MATTERS, in the right order.
Activity trying to earn love drains us. Activity because we are loved by God motivates us.
Escape rooms are booming as people enjoy working together to figure out how to get free. “Price is right” and other game shows continue to cash in on our enjoyment of games, prizes and challenges of every variety. People make money playing video games, skiing down a mountain, playing chess and even eating way too many hot dogs. Our culture is ablaze with the desire for conquest and measurable victory and no-one ever appears to question these flames. Participation in real learning is key. The Edgar Dale cone of experience shows that verbal communication impacts long term retention the least and ‘Direct purposeful experience’ teaches the best. Why then is the primary method most ministries try to impact people of all ages for God primarily verbal only? Growing up in kids clubs of various kinds we always had game time separate from the Bible teaching. This unintentionally communicates to children that game time is fun and the time to learn about God is cramped and sterile and all about sitting still and looking like you are paying attention and care. Technology overload shrinks attention spans while children and adults alike are starving for structured yet very interactive experience with the active and alive truths of God’s Word. My passion is playing interactive, teaching games with kids and adults where relational needs and learning needs are melded to bring about God ‘encounters’ that happen organically right in the midst of relational yet structured fun and healthy competition. Measuring progress as feedback to motivate improvement is the life blood of the world Economy. Imagine trying to do business without measures of performance. Measures are not the problem (Try running a game show without having lines to separate winning and losing.), motives behind the measures are a gigantic problem. In talking with people about this concept I have had many well meaning followers of Jesus express firm concerns about using points and trophies as a tool to help those who want to participate from their heart. For me, refraining from doing anything because some may not want to do it, or may question the motives of those who do, is not a reason to shrink back from anything. Being a partaker by definition is a personal choice. When food is offered, if the person offered chooses to not partake, it does not mean the food is bad, it just does not fit the needs of that person. In the same way, each family must choose participation for minors and each adult in “God is Good GameZ”. *** This program is FREE and not aligned with any denomination or church and is not designed to compete with the work of any local church, but rather enhance it. This program is driven by a continued tapping of the Lord on my shoulder to move forward and the reality of God encounters that happen while teachable moments in the midst of an activity/game are written all over the faces of adults, teens and children alike. Why rewards in the form of points and trophies? 1 Corinthians 9:24. “…Run in such a way as to get the prize.” Games with rewards help us challenge ourselves. Keeping track of points to celebrate progress is motivating to most. Valuing how my ‘points’ compare to others more than Jesus who is the main point of the points is discouraging. I feel due to scripture, that avoiding the discouragement of any participant must be by internal transformation and healing of inner motivation instead of external removal of any and all points systems. Remember the prize mentioned above is after we have become partakers of Jesus’ amazing forgiveness and a new identity. It is from that place of receiving what we could never earn, that we are motivated to press on in obedience with all the tools God has given us. For example, someone who struggles with over eating still needs to eat. Counselors teach them how to change their internal motives regarding food but they still keep track of their calorie intake. I have received feedback and confirmation that moving forward is led by Jesus. Not all are led to participate in this program and there is no ‘looking down’ on how they are being led. We trust and respect them to use different tools for their growth with no judgement. I pray that those this program does help will be encouraged as I am personally to use it as a tool to help us make the most of every opportunity to invest in eternity. Points to be tracked to encourage for the PRIZE of annual trophies and TBA rewards January 2020. We started 6/1/18 but anyone can join any time because to make this an annual competition we made it 18 months for inaugural season! 6/1/18 through 3/31/19 will be regular points as stated below. On 4/1/19 points double. On 7/1/19 points triple. On 10/1/19 points quadruple! *** All over age 5 led to participate are encouraged to join us. *** (“Silly parent, games aren’t just for kids!”) Points can be tracked easily and submitted via email or text or messenger. ** I will assign “IDs” for each person so they can be encouraged by progress but not tempted to get ‘life’ from comparing**. Facebook page will be easy access for progress updates and announcements about events. Points with a point! Church Attendance (Limit 3 per week)(Any gathering of three or more believers): 5 points. Prayer meeting (phone or in person) attendance: 5 points. Ten minutes spent in personal prayer (max 3 times a day): 5 points. Share Jesus via gospel tract or in person: 5 points. Any volunteer activity (limit 1 per wk) 5 points Invest time in scripture memorization and internalization for 10 minutes: (30 minute daily max for points. “Over time,…. you will wanna do more!”). 5 points. Personal goal points. Invest 30 minutes in any personal goal: 5 points. *** One “Above and beyond” point can be awarded by parent(s) to their children under age 18 per week, per child. For showing initiative and joyful obedience. (Please be consistent in use) ————————————————————————————————————————— Gamez with a point, points: Each day points can be tracked for one game or series of games where standings or ‘places’ are tracked, involving at least FOUR people. During the game or activity some time must be spent talking about how the game relates to a faith walk with Jesus. *** (4-10 players) One point multiplied by finishing position. (Example: 2nd place out of four people gets 3 points and 1st place gets 4 points) *** (10-20 players) Half point multiplied by finishing position. (Example: 7th place out of 15 players gets 3.5 points and first gets 7.5 points) *** (20 plus players). Quarter point multiplied by finishing position. (Example: 24th out of 30 players gets 1.75 points and first gets 7.5 points.) Just submit first name and last initial of participants and finishing order and I will calculate the points. Bonus Points *** If you schedule me to come to your church or home for a “G cubed” game night all points for that event are doubled. (Max 90 Minutes) Awards banquet/pot luck at completion of the Gamez (Jan 2020) will give rewards to top ten participants, but the lasting rewards of growth in following Jesus will be enjoyed for eternity. **Phone prayer meeting**: Thursdays 9:00PM to 9:30PM CST: 1-805-309-2350 Enter ID 2929533# Podcasts and blog:
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